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Air Heat Pumps

We have a number of units that can heat domestic and commercial properties:-

- Air to Air Heat Pump

- Air to Water Heat Pump

- Ground Source Heat Pump

Air - Water Heat Pumps

These are the boilers of the future taking the energy from the air outside to give you heating and hot water. They work at lower temperatures compared with normal boilers so the property will require an energy survey to check insulation, glazing and radiator size.

We have one of the most efficient air-air heat pumps on the market place. These work like air conditioning units but work at up to 360% efficiency to heat as well as cool your room. The product is fitted with carbon filters which collects dust pollen. It is easy to fit and is excellent for bungalows, halls, log cabins, conservatories, offices and commercial units. All are the latest on the market place and have a very low maintained cost which is very beneficial for your family home.