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Boiler Installations and Servicing

At UK Eco Energy, we understand that having the correct boiler for your house hold is very important.

There are three main types of boilers. They are:-

- Combi-Boilers

Combi-Boilers are one of the most popular boilers in the UK. They are very popular as they are quite small boilers and there is an unlimited supply of hot water and heating. There is no need for a tank to be put into your loft. However, we would not recommend that Combi boilers are used within households who will be using water at the same time as there can be a slight de pressurisation in the water flow.

- System Boilers

System Boilers are also known as a sealed boiler. These boilers are beneficial for your household as they come with a water cylinder and no water tank. However, the water cylinder will need to be stored somewhere so bare that in mind if you are going to chose a System Boiler. The majority of households store their water cylinder in an airing cupboard if they have one.

- Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers have both a water cylinder and a water tank. Although, if the water that is in the tank runs out, you will have to wait for the tank to re heat it's water before any other hot water can be used throughout your property.

We also specialise in Eco friendly Boilers such as Biomass Boilers (See our renewables page for more information on Biomass Boilers)

Another type of boiler that we supply and fit is a CHP Unit. There is the external combustion CHP unit. This system works well within domestic projects and can replace a properties existing boiler. The External Combustion Unit is the most popular option to for many households. Whereas your average boiler uses the heat it has generated for the heating and hot water system, the CHP boilers allow the burnt gas to drive a turbine which creates an electrical current. The electricity made can be used for household appliances as well as heating your home.

For the best advice and recommendations for a boiler that would best suit your property please call us on 01992 538080.

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